partner + give


partner + give

Please Pray   The project cannot happen without the prayers of many.

$25 - We'll be eternally grateful to you for partnering with us.

$50 - We'll mention you on the Ebenezer Chapel Facebook page to thank you and list you on our website.

$100 - The above + you will be welcomed for a personal tour of the facility at a time of your choosing.

$250 - All above + we will include you in curating the artistic submissions for the Chapel.

$500 - All above + you will be invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony.

$1000 - All above + your name permanently cut into Corten steel of Chapel entrance.

$2000 - All above + your name carved permanently into the stone of the descending ramp.

$5000 - All above + you will be given a piece of polished granite carved from interior with Corten steel with our logo and name on stone.

$10,000 - All above + signed and framed limited edition rendering of site by TED fellow and lead architect Xavier Vilata

$20,000 - All above + you will have the exclusive use of the chapel and park for a particular day for a special event or learning experience.

Benefactors - The project needs the generosity of a number of people who would consider funding major portions of the art, construction and landscaping. Please contact us to learn more about this.