Dr. Higini Arau is the Founder and Director of Arau Acustica - a professional acoustic engineering studio in Barcelona. For more than 40 years, the Arau team has worked in every aspect of architectural acoustics, civil and industrial engineering, and urban, industrial and traffic noise mitigation and design. 

Arau Acoustica is comprised of a highly trained and multidisciplinary team with advanced degrees and certifications from the engineering and architecture departments at top universities that specialize in acoustics. This team is at the top of its game in acoustic and vibrational technology for measurements and calculations in all settings, especially architectural.

"Our goal for Ebenezer Chapel is to use the science of acoustics, imagination, our depth of experience and new ideas to exceed expectations."

Higini is personally inspired by music and sound of all kinds, reads constantly and loves learning more about the science of sound. His team includes Technical Director Oriol Arau, Project Technicians Jordi Oliver, Maria Jutglar, Pau Checa and Joaquim Arau.

Meet the entire team.