Ted Bartelt founded Alpha & Omega Group in 1998 and is the President and Principal-In-Charge of civil and structural engineering projects. 

Ted's three decades of experience range from investigations of buildings, bridges, dams, and other types of structures to designing bridges, buildings, industrial facilities, equipment supports, concrete tilt-up design, flood studies, storm water impoundment design, erosion control design, water and sanitary system design, retaining wall design, concrete repair, parking lot design, general site development, project specifications, cost estimates, and construction administration. He and his team are also the very best at what they do and the team committed to the project are "in" for the professional challenge and personal reasons: "We love all of the aspects of this project. In particular, we love the thought of honoring God with a project that will last thousands of years and has the potential of reaching an infinite number of souls for Christ."

"At A&O, we seek to honor God through the various engineering services that we provide. The Ebenezer Chapel project has elements of all three engineering practices as part of this unique project. Ebenezer Chapel is located along Richland Creek and A&O has been involved with Raleigh's greenways throughout its history and will coordinate with the City staff regarding the future Richland Creek Greenway."

Part of the attraction to this project, beyond A&O's ability to provide expertise in civil, structural and water resources is the ability to work with Mark Boone and being part of "a project that will last thousands of years, like the Egyptian pyramids or the Roman Coliseum. It's awe-inspiring."