Take the tour.

Through a short animated video created by Lead Architect, Xavier Vilalta, you'll go from a bird's eye view over the park and make your way down the ramp and enter the chapel. Join the story through giving! We'll thank you.

I just had this overwhelming sense, ‘you need to build a chapel here’, and build it underground.
— Mark Boone - Project Developer

Mark Boone gives a brief history of the land, the original idea for the Chapel and time capsule, his inspirations and why this project is underway in a short video. 
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Architecture, through history, has been a way to understand older generations and a way to project ourselves to the future.
— Xavier Vilalta - Lead Architect

At a TEDxYouth Talk, Ebenezer Chapel's Lead Architect, Xavier Vilalta "goes deep" to explore the project and importance of an underground time capsule and Chapel - from inspiration to design. 
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