Our Methodology

We’ve been extremely intentional and deliberate in the creation of our methodology and approach. We’ve prayed for guidance, and we’ve used the skills, insights and resources God has given us. Below is a breakdown of our four approaches.

General Approach

The project team is comprised of a group of highly skilled consultants with diverse experience – each boasting specialized knowledge that will be relevant to this project. We’ve planned to overlap four primary disciplines from the very start of the project: Architectural Design, Structural, Energy and Acoustics. Each discipline will be organized by the lead architect.

Multidisciplinary Approach

The project structure requires the creativity of many different people. In addition to the technical team, the project requires the involvement of pastors, archeologists, sociologists, artists, lighting experts and horticulturalists. We seek the involvement of the worldwide community of individuals and corporations to not only crowd fund, but also provide their technical expertise and insights into how the chapel can be used to serve the needs of as many people as possible.

Management Approach

The staff organization is a collaborative structure of several teams led by the design team principals. The lead construction contractor will coordinate the sub-consultants in order to establish the communication necessary to ensure exceptional quality control. The lead architect will coordinate each team.

Sustainability Approach

A sustainability engineer will monitor the different activities of the team to ensure that the outcome of the design works from this perspective.

The Time Is Now