Our Inspiration

Part of the experience we hope everyone encounters when they visit Ebenezer Chapel is one of being transported in mind, imagination and spirit. Sacred spaces, like the ones below that served as our inspiration, have the power to temporarily remove us from our daily lives and allow us to exist outside of time. Design and structure, the artwork, lighting and sounds (or lack thereof) are what make architectural spaces unique and sacred spaces so powerful.

Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

Lead architect Xavier Vilalta’s office is directly across the street from this amazing structure, designed by architectural genius – Antoni Gaudi. The carved stone seeks to explain the Christian religion: the history of the Church, sacred scriptures, the tradition of dedication to the Saints, Christian doctrine and worship.

The Lower Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi

Assisi, Italy

The lower Basilica was designed by Brother Elias of Cortona, who was chosen by St. Francis of Assisi to administer the Order of the Franciscans, even though he was a simple lay person. Elias learned how to build sepulchers out of hare rock and created the space around Saint Francis’ tomb.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Jerusalem, Israel

Jesus’ tomb was carved out of solid rock. The tomb is empty yet filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Over time, we hope that the prayers of many will also transform the space inside Ebenezer Chapel into a holy place.

Lalibela Rock Hewn Churches

Lasta Mountain, Ethiopia

In one single area, there are 11 churches that have been cut completely out of a single block of stone from top down in the ground. They are all connected by tunnels and the technology used is amazing. These were an inspiration for Ebenezer Chapel not just because of the means in which they were created, but because of the depths, materials and way that visitors can go more deeply within themselves while walking through the tunnels from church to church.

Coober Pedy Serbian Church

Coober Pedy, Australia

A recent church carved underground by opal miners in the desert of Australia. Many people are drawn to the church because of its underground location, its art and its sense of peace and reverence.

[Photo Credit: Percita Dittmar]

Church of Saint-Jean de Montierneuf

Poitiers, France

This church was carved out of solid rock over 900 years ago by Benedictine Monks. The light comes through a natural opening in the stone above, and it represents heavenly light and Christ as our beacon…the Light of the World. The entrance was lost for many years and only rediscovered in the 1950’s. The raw nature of the interior mixed with light and a place of rest is very much in keeping with what we hope to accomplish at Ebenezer Chapel.

Temppeliaukio Church

Temppeliaukio, Helsinki, Finland

As planned for Ebenezer Chapel, this church is carved out of solid granite, is underground and uses light filtering in from above. The walls are of bare rock providing excellent acoustics. Over 500,000 people come to visit the church each year and enjoy the interplay of sound and vision.

[Photo Credit: Matthew Duncan]

The Underground Church

Wherever people are oppressed

For centuries, right up to this very minute, many believers have had to worship Christ in secret. Ebenezer Chapel will pay tribute to those in difficult circumstances while providing a place where all can come to worship, pray, commune and feel connected to others and to God.

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