Our Team

From Barcelona’s internationally-renowned architects to Raleigh’s finest engineers, our distinguished team of experts spans across the globe and continues to grow. This, in and of itself, is a testament to the incredible vision and buy-in of our project.

Markus Group, Ltd
Visionary + Project Developer

A 40-year veteran in the high-technology manufacturing industry. Spent nearly two decades working in the nuclear power and defense sectors. Inspired by old architecture and ancient structures. He hopes that the Chapel will represent who we are and is convinced that Ebenezer Chapel is divinely inspired.

“I have no expectation that anyone in 1000 years will associate Ebenezer Chapel with me or anyone else, but over time, through the prayers of many, it will become a holy place where the presence of God is palpable.”

Vilalta Architecture
Lead Architect

A distinguished international architect specializing in sustainability and innovation. A former associate professor at Barcelona’s School of Architecture and a 2008 recipient of the Young Architect of the Year award. The first Spaniard to become a fellow of TED Talk. His expertise with some of the world’s most renowned sacred spaces makes him an invaluable member of this project.

“This Chapel will tell people how we were living in the beginning of the 21st century, what we believed and how we were able to build such a space. I am inspired by this concept, by nature, my spirituality and my passion for architecture.”

Osterlund Architects
Onsite Architect

A Raleigh architect since 1998 with experience in all phases of architectural services including feasibility studies, programming, design, systems coordination, specifications, multi-prime contracts, public bidding, field construction administration and LEED certification. His drive towards excellence and passion for design make him a perfect fit for the Ebenezer Chapel team.

“We long for better places, for specific places; we need them and we move to find them.”

Alpha & Omega Group
Structural Engineer

A civil and structural engineer with three decades of experience designing buildings, bridges, site layouts and flood studies. Loves the thought of honoring God with a project that will last thousands of years and reach an infinite number of souls for Christ. His expertise in civil, structural and water resources are incredibly beneficial to this project.

“I hope that the completed Chapel will inspire visitors to contemplate the eternal realm of God.”

Building Physics Specialist

An expert in optimizing the energy consumption of spaces through both lighting and thermal aspects. A specialist who provides innovative solutions in engineering and research while focusing on social responsibility, training and quality. Through integration of renewable energy measures, he will ensure the Chapel is friendly to both the environment and the bottom line.

The challenge of designing an integrated space, something that works in harmony with nature and where users feel at ease and comfortable, is what fascinates me about this project.”

HIGINI ARAU, Barcelona
Arau Acoustica
Director of Acoustics

An acoustic engineer with more than four decades of experience in architectural acoustics, civil and industrial engineering and urban, industrial and traffic noise mitigation and design. A sound expert in acoustic and vibrational technology. An avid learner and music lover who is fascinated by the science of sound. He will ensure that the acoustics of the Chapel will complement the magnitude of the project.

Ebenezer Chapel will be a sort of ‘Cove of God’ and our goal is to ensure that the sound represents the very height of God. We will use the science of acoustics, imagination, depth of experience and new ideas to exceed expectations.”