the permanence of sacred connections

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Permanence. It is my only hope during these dark days in our country, when I see and hear a gleeful call to drill, cut, savage, poison and remove protections from our nation’s parks, natural wonders, burial grounds and sacred spaces. Contributing Blogger, Whitman Smith remembers his father as he ponders permanence.

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The sacred every day | Mesa Verde

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What happens when we visit places, long abandoned but still grasping the daily sense of life that makes them holy? We long for them and long to bring it back to our own lives. Ebz contributor Jennifer Browning talks about the beauty and simplicity of Mesa Verde National Park.

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We Needed That

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When we entered the cavern, we felt the psalmist's, "great peace that never makes them stumble." We were looking for a break from the tiring climb and found it in the calmness of the small, dark room. The monks used the cave for nearly 200 years and now today's weary travelers find respite. Retired teacher and veteran hiker, Dian Leeper shares thoughts on a quiet spot in Switzerland where she rested in prayer and peace.

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